Adaptive Web Design: “Converting” the User Experience


Adaptive Web Design: “Converting” the User Experience

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Design, marketing and SEO strategy by includes the full spectrum of web tools available. A blend of web responsive design, technological know-how and conversion optimization are vital to the success of your business. The combination of responsive web design and conversion tracking impacts not only the client user experience but also your business sales conversion rates from the moment a potential lead lands on your site. Since the user experience relies heavily on responsiveness, site loading time, mobile responsiveness and ease of use, we start with complex web design and build out. If you take out one tool, the whole pyramid will crumble. It’s all important for the success of your conversion rates.

If a client visits your site and it’s not optimized then you could lose potential leads. Conversely, if you have a well optimized web site but it’s not marketed to potential clients through highly targeted social media strategy, then clients will never see what you offer. We handle of all of your web site needs under one umbrella – Webbased. Whether you need a new website created or an old one improved, our experienced team will make sure that the quality of the technology is equal to the aesthetics and creativity of the design.

It Starts with a Web Site Design

When brilliant design meets smart branding including…

  • Brilliant and Electric Design
  • Beautiful Aesthetics
  • Bold Design
  • Consistent Brand Experience

…that’s when creativity is elevated to a new level. It’s when your web design rises up to meet your brand personality.

How do we track conversion?

We start with adaptive web design and monitor…

  • Visitor Engagement
  • Visitor on the Page Time
  • Conversion Rates (And We Get Set Goals)
  • Site Load Times
  • Page Rank
  • And Analytics to create the perfect storm, a combination of creative design, the ultimate user-experience, web and conversion analytics tracking.

What are Analytics?

Web Analytics

Web analytics tells the story of how people find your site and what they do when they arrive there.

Conversion Analytics

Conversion analytics tracks how visitors are behaving when it comes to buying in to your service or product. If they are dropping off – we can track why. Is it the user experience, are they leaving after landing on the price page – you get the picture. If they are converting, analytics also tells the story of your best clients. So you can then turn around and match or improve the clients’ experiences which should result in more conversion which equals more profit. Best of all, if these metrics aren’t boding well for your page rank, conversion rates and traffic, we get to work to optimize. Better than that, even if your metrics are working, we will fine tune everything to make your rank and conversion rates better – and ultimately improve the user experience. does the heavy digging. We dig deep into the user experience and optimized design of your site so you can do what you do best, relish in the success of your business. Contact today to optimize your web site and reach the pinnacle of success that your hard work deserves.

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