Kapil Pershad / June 28 2016
Newsletter for 2016 June WebBased.com: Big Changes in Google for YOUR Mobile and Local Search!


Hello, Newsletter Readers!

You might be trying to get in swimsuit shape, but your mobile site needs to be in shape too!

It’s time to get your mobile site in shape! Google is going to start using your mobile site speed in it’s ranking algorithm, so it had better be ready! More and more people are shopping on mobile devices and Google knows it. Take a look at our services to see how we can help you keep and improve your SEO.

Local Search is growing in importance in your advertising and SERP!

Google is promoting pins on maps to promote local businesses, branding is even more important, and Google is making changes in its reporting of clicks and impressions for local search analytics for local businesses. Our newsletter has tons of details for you.

Apple Maps is improving… have you listed?

Our newsletter has step-by-step details on how to list your business with Apple Maps. Worth taking a couple of minutes now that you can add detail to to your listing!

Adwords is updating… get your ads ready!

Expanded text ads are increasing site traffic. Read how to get your ads seen and perfected for the new experience.

Read all the details in the our latest newsletter! And contact us for help in getting your site ready for the latest Google updates.

All the details are right here: June-2016-blog

Be sure to watch for next month’s newsletter!