Kapil Pershad / August 1 2016
Local Ad News by Google, Social Media Changes and Info YOU Need to Know in our Newsletter for July 2016

Local ad news, special offers and ad packs from Google, Twitter analytics, and YouTube ads are all covered in our July 2016 newsletter!

You can’t afford to miss this news. Business owners are going to gasp at the changes being made… and some gasps will be louder than others when you read about the “Special Offers” filter Google is using!

Some things you’ll learn include:

1. Google has announced that they will soon be placing paid ads within the local pack! From
now on, Local pack will include two organic and one paid listing. It’s a good news for those
who were striving to get visibility on search results and have a deep pocket, but a really BAD
news for those who have worked long & really hard to get there.

2. Latest happenings in the world of Local Search

3. Twitter has launched a new analytics app to help its power users and celebrities to increase
their engagement rate and monitor their content. The app is called “Engage” and it will help
the celebrities and marketers/power users to better understand the likes and dislikes of their
audience base. By understanding which type of content is getting more response, they can
then create more content around those lines and build more audience as well as retain their
current audience base.

4. A new landing page on Google Shopping flows a lot like a product page on Amazon with
product details, seller details, reviews, links to related items on a single page.

So don’t wait, check out the local ad news and tips in our newsletter now!