Client Case Study: TurnOut Mobile App


Client Case Study: TurnOut Mobile App

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Webbased creates mobile app logo for TurnOut – Our Case Study

TurnOut’s goal was to create an eye catching mobile app logo design. This was to get people to download the recently released app.

After working with Webbased’s design team to create multiple variation of their logo, TurnOut decided on this final piece:


The navigation pin incorporated in the logo symbolises the way TurnOut allows you to connect with other groups nearby.

The arrow in the design conveys the act of moving forward or progressing in social life. This design is sleek and straight to the point. It allows users to get a jist of Turn Out’s personality and its entirety just by glancing at the image.

What is Turnout?

TurnOut is a free mobile dating app that allows people to arrange group dates. Users can set up a group with their friends and connect with other groups created nearby. When one downloads ‘Turn Out’ you can expect to ignite your social life by spending time with current friends while making new ones.

Other Turn Out Mobile App Logo Design Options

There were many logos produced before TurnOut decided on the final logo. This demonstrates the flexibility and creativity of Webbased’s designers to create different logos in various styles. By creating many logos our customer have the option of choosing from different designs.

Below are the logos that were designed but unused by TurnOut:


Turn Out App Logo Design




As a result of a successful mobile app design, Erika Cain, the producer of Turn Out, left Webbased a review. It expressed her opinion on Webbased’s professional logo designers who worked with her from start to finish. Our work catered to exactly what she needed in the Turn Out logo:

"It was a pleasure working with your team. Very dedicated professionals.
Emails and new options for design were provided within 24-48 hours.
You always listened to our opinions, and incorporated them 
into our vision."
– Erika Cain, Producer of Turn Out 

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