Email Marketing

Email Marketing

$199 and $8 /mo.

Email Marketing Simplified With WordPress



Multiple Email Sending Gateway Compatible

Switch email sending gateways on the fly whenever you need. Amazon SES, Mailgun, SparkPost, ElasticEmail, SendGrid, SMTP.

Solid WordPress Integration

Tight WordPress integration will make your email marketing workflow smooth like butter. Auto import users into subscribers. Convert store customers into subscribers. Place HTML Embed Form anywhere you like



Multiple Form Building Option

Collect email contacts with opt-in or embed forms anywhere on the site. Opt-in Form. Embed From. Contact Form Integration.


WordPress Integration

  • Woocommerce: With each WooCommerce store order, you can collect subscribers and put them into an email list
  • User Registration: Collect subscribers each time anyone register to your website. You can also automate welcome email as well as doubt opt-in to spam check.
  • Comment Opt-in: Collect email addresses from the blog comments and grow your email list easily.
  • WordPress User Sync: Auto import WordPress users to weMail subscribers. Every WordPress user roles will auto-import without manually doing anything

Embed Forms

  • HTML Embed Forms: With HTML embed forms, you can place it anywhere. Widgets, posts or pages weMails embed form will work anywhere.
  • Embed Options: Customizable embed form options make it easy for anyone to create an HTML form with custom fields

Opt-in Forms

  • Inline Form: With inline form you can place forms anywhere on the website and get subscribers to any list you assign
  • Floating Bar: When collecting email addresses is your top priority, floating bar will help you greatly.
  • Slide Up: Use slide up box to collect new emails. You can even control when to show the form depending upon page scroll percentage.
  • Modal: If an email subscriber modal is your preferred way of collecting emails. You can use the Modal box to show the form whenever you like.
  • Custom Fields: HTML custom opt-in forms with custom fields make it easier to reconfigure forms and place it anywhere on the website.

Double Opt-in

  • Double Opt-in: Double opt-in will help you cut down your subscribers' bounce rate
  • Redirection: Redirect double opt-in emails to any other pages your campaigns require. Page, URL or absolutely no redirection whichever you need


  • 24 Hour Digest: Too busy to check emails for campaign activity? Get notified about your email campaigns.
  • Google Analytics: Use words that will automatically append in the email links to show up in the Google Analytics. For you to track and view for better informed decision.
  • Campaign Overview: Get email campaigns' overview from the overview tab of how many emails are sent & scheduled with what forms and along with the sending statistics.
  • Email Link Click: Links inside email content will auto track how many times they were clicked without setting up third-party trackers. Tracking link clicks is easier than ever.

Email List Features

  • List: Sorting and sending emails to list of contacts is easier than before. Listings, segments, and tags all can be configured for from the get-go.
  • Multiple Lists: You can send email to multiple lists, this way you don’t have to create a separate campaign for sending the same email to another list.
  • Segments: Create unlimited segments to cluster your contacts and segment them accurately every time.
  • Tags: Tag contacts for better reference, email contacts make sense when you tag them by their action.

Import & Export

  • Import Contacts: Import email lists from the other email marketing tools to weMail using our built-in import settings. Migration is easy, simple and smooth.
  • Export Contacts: Exporting your email contacts to CSV is just a single click away. Export email lists whenever you need them


  • Email Campaign: Campaigns can be configured straight from the WordPress dashboard without leaving your website
  • Standard Campaign: Send emails with standard campaign just as you compose or schedule them for later to connect with your subscribers.
  • Automated Campaign: Send emails automatically with automatic campaign, automate the process without going manual ever again.
  • Template: There’s a template for that! You can use our built-in beautiful templates or create.

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