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what we did: With the cream of the crop checking out the HMMA website, they need to ensure they trusted their website design to the best. Webbased updated their website to have blazing speed, great SEO, and a solid, user friendly design. With added details such as multiple contact forms, a news blog, and an extensive photo gallery, there is plenty of content on the site as well as hard t o miss calls to action to draw in site visitors.

about our client: The Hollywood Music In Media Awards™ (HMMA) recognizes and honors the music of visual mediums (film, TV, movie trailers, video games, commercials, etc.), the talented individuals responsible for creating, producing and placing it and the music of artists, both mainstream and independent, from around the globe. HMMA is the first music awards event to recognize and honor excellence in music supervision. Iconic artists are presented with Outstanding Career Achievement honors for their accomplishments and longevity in the entertainment field. 

our client’s speak: I put my trust in Webbased to develop a superior product (website) to replace what we had. I was extremely pleased with the attention to detail and personal interaction to make sure things were being done the way I wanted…and to do things I didn’t have the skills to do myself. Even though I built my original website from scratch, the folks at Webbased created something far better, responsive and with more functionality than I could. Even after paying the initial fee, they are available 24-7 to ensure I stay a happy customer.

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