Could anyone make you a website? Sure. Would the site be functional? Probably. Would it be optimized and convert sales? Maybe not.

Cutting Edge has done its research and uses cutting edge tech to ensure that your site is going to perform. It may not sing and dance, but your visitors will convert to customers.

We Have It All
From SEO, knockout copywriting, content integration, to calls to action, we’ve got you.

You live in LA. You have a business in LA. We live in LA. We know LA. Why would you use someone from East Podunk? Seriously.

LA customers expect your business to have a fast, easy-to-use, and inviting website. Our design team gets that. They will create a design that knocks your competition down and lifts you up.

Yes. We ARE different
You just tell us what you want, and we take care of it. Together, we will provide just what your site (and your local customer) needs. We communicate through the whole process to make sure you get what you want. No problem.

Our Los Angeles Website Design team specifically optimizes for your local small business success. Everybody looks stuff up online before they shop. Everyone.

DIY? Please. Stop.
You think you can just whip up a site on your own? Can your business really afford another DIY website? Oh, man. If you must DYI, learn to knit, okay?

Where Are You, Anyway?
Just because you’re local doesn’t mean everyone knows you’re there, selling your awesomesauce service or product. Welcome to the tech century. You need a site. Maybe with an interactive map.

We use the science of user experience – yes, this is an actual science – is what makes your website valuable to a website visitor and converts them to a customer. For instance…

More than 60% of your potential customers are finding you on smart phones. We make the mobile version of your site blazing fast and easy to navigate.

What good is a great site if no one can find it? We will build your site so it will be recognized by Google and other search engines. Therefore, boom. It’s found by your customer.

Common sense, right? It needs to load fast and everything needs to work right. But it also affects where Google lists you in the search rankings. Gotta rank so users can find you.

The formula has incorporated thousands of hours of research so your site visitors become customers. Customers spend money on your stuff. That’s the goal, right?

Well, who are we? Who are you? We need to get to know each other to get this done.

We’re is your friendly Los Angeles website design and SEO specialist. We have REAL, friendly employees to help you, guide you, and ensure your site gets the royal treatment.

Don’t just close your eyes and pick from a list
When it comes down to choosing the right company for your Los Angeles business’s website, we’re it. We understand the Los Angeles business area. After all, we’re based in Sherman Oaks.

We have experience
We’ve designed small business websites for a lot of people. Look in our Client’s Speak section. We know what’s going on in LA. We build your site based on what will work for you.

We’re communicators
Your dedicated account manager will hold your virtual hand throughout the entire process. And we play show and tell with every stage. We show, you tell us if you’re happy or want changes.


Studies show that each second it takes for your website to load costs you 5% of your site visitors. It’s tough enough to generate business; don’t lose potential customers. Enter your domain and you will get a free report with recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance.

Find Our How Your Site Performs

  • Security and maintenance check
  • Speed testing

Get Conversion Optimization Score

  • How many page views are you getting?
  • Exit rates and conversions

Is Your Site Mobile Compatible?

  • We'll let you know if mobile users are receiving errors
  • Load time for mobile users

Get SEO Competitive Analysis

  • Do you rank on the 1st page?
  • We can tell you the best keywords for SEO.


Hop N Play

Hop N Play manages children’s play areas throughout the North Bay Area in California and needed something playful but functional. Webbased created a custom designed website full of children’s imagery to show how fun their sites are but also made sure it was functional for parents who needed to make appointments. What a fun project!

I just got my new company website done by Webbased. It was a great experience. They are all very professional and took care of all my requests. Kristen was project manager and she stayed on top of my project, always kept me in the loop. I had a little trouble with my site at the beginning, the owner called me immediately and worked with the team to resolve my issue within hours. It is a great experience. Will definitely work with them again.

Hop N Play
Green M.
Owner, Hop N Play
Misha Lam Jewelry

Mishalam Jewelry

Misha Lam was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She studied Fine Art at the University of Southern California and then continued on to Parson’s the New School of Design to get her second degree in Fashion Design. After working in the fashion world in New York City for six years she packed a bag and traveled around the world looking for inspiration.

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis is the #1 rated water delivery service on Yelp in Los Angeles. We created a customized, eye-catching website to bring this 21st century water delivery service into current times. Including a custom water delivery portal, e-commerce store, and store locator functionalities, this website stands out above their competition!

We began working with Webbased about a year ago with Joel, who was thorough, professional and seemed to really understand the needs and type of presence we desired in our new website. His experience in the field, as well as his knowledgeable approach to marketing our unique type of business, was quite evident. After the initial consultation process we quickly moved into the beginning phases of development.

We must say that we have been most impressed with the designing of the site, as it definitely exceeded our expectations and truly gave us the look we wanted.

There was a bit of issues regarding specific functions of the site, but Kristen has been managing those issues promptly and with utmost courtesy. As the website is still evolving I am constantly in touch with her for all of my updating and editing needs.

I have just signed up for their monthly maintenance plan and look forward to continue working with them for the long run. I have worked with several other website firms in the past, and the worst experiences had to do with constant turnover, so I hope my current team is here to stay! Since my experience is a work in progress I will be updating this review in the near future regarding the continuing maintenance.

Urban Oasis
Owner, Urban Oasis
dress your curves

Best Dress Your Curves Boutique

Best Dress Your Curves is an online clothing boutique specifically catering to the plus sized woman. We designed a website based on the client’s specific needs for an eye catching shop featuring the color purple, and it turned out fabulous!

I would like to first say, I love the look of the website, the final outcome made it all worth it. It took 6 months and I was not prepared for such a long process however working with Kristen was nice and she is very insightful.

Angela Portis
Owner, Best Dress Your Curves
Jalinski, The Financial Quarterback

Jalinski, The Financial Quarterback

Josh Jalinski is the founder, CEO, Chief Investment Officer, and portfolio manager at Jalinski Advisory Group; he manages tactical financial investment portfolios. Josh is the host of a popular weekend radio show on 710 AM WOR 1210 AM WPHT and 770 AM WABC,where he discusses investment strategies and various other crucial economic topics. He has been featured as an expert guest on numerous media sources including CNBC, Fox Business News, CBS News, and Bloomberg.

Jikiden Reiki Healing

Jikiden Reiki Healing

We created an entire site based around Japanese gardens and images for Jikiden Reiki Healing with Anjuli Dhillon, a Shoden and Okuden level Reiki practitioner, trained and certified through the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan.

Working with Kristen at WebBased was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Kristen managed my project from logo development through website design and completion. She is very knowledgeable and was the perfect go-between for me with the developers. Kristen consistently offered great ideas and solutions to help my vision come to life. Kristen has a great attitude and is very personable. The development team did a wonderful job and I couldn’t be happier with my logo and website. I highly recommend Kristen and the entire team at WebBased and I look forward to working with the team again.

Anjuli Dhillon
Owner, Jikiden Reiki Healing

Mike Green Fire Equipment

Mike Green Fire Equipment creates complete life safety solutions for each business and home they service. They needed a website that would service every aspect of their business from top to bottom and offer solutions for their customers, so they came to Webbased! We created a custom website with every feature they needed to accommodate all their site’s visitors, are managing their SEO campaign, and are even creating their corporate video as well as taking their corporate photos!

OC Weight Loss Center

OC Weight Loss Centers

Doctor Kakar is a licensed and Board Certified physician. Unlike other Orange County weight loss clinics, you will be supervised by a doctor every step of your weight loss journey. The specialized physician will assist with personalized weight loss programs and motivation so you never feel alone.

Excellent web design and SEO company! I switched over from a company I had been with for 3 years, but I wasn’t getting the results I needed to grow my business. Web based designed a better website for me where I got many more leads online as well as better conversion rate on each lead. They are very professional to deal with and also offer a very personal touch. I’m so happy with them, you won’t be sorry!

Rani Kakar
Rani Kakar
Physician/Owner, OC Weight Loss Centers

I'm a small business owner. Do I REALLY need a website?

The days of cold-calling customers is over. With a website highlighting your business, you have an online brochure and calls to action that entice new customers and keep them coming back!

Websites are great for a number of business tasks like:
1. Fielding customer comments, reviews, and questions.
2. Supporting customers with your products/services.
3. Telling customers about your business, its history, and its product/s.
4. Providing multiple points of contact for customers so they can always be able to reach someone at your business.
5. Marketing, marketing, marketing, including press releases, social media page links, online brochures, listings of products, e-commerce, and anything you can think of to sell your products and services.

How does the web design process work? makes the design process easy by using a project management system to communicate.

First, you submit a form that tells us what kind of site you want, the target audience, and more vital information. We have the exact questions organized to help you move through the form quickly.

Secondly, your amiable project manager will set up a meeting with you to talk about the site design you want and features your business needs.

After that, it’s as easy as viewing our mockups in the project management system, promptly following our content collection steps so we can put the content in your site, and approving the design to be made live as your website!

We try to keep things simple for you at so you don’t have to worry!

Do you have clipart and photos for my business site?

Of course! With, we have access to millions of clip art illustrations and professional photos that we can use on YOUR site. Give us an idea of what kind of image you’re looking for and we can find it for you. Also, we can send you a link to our royalty free image database so you can search yourself.

Our team also has a full array of photography and videography services. We would be stoked to hook you up with our great videography/photography team to help you provide a more personal look at your business and your unique vision.

How long does it take for my site to be completed?

A site usually takes around 30-50 days from start to finish. However, that can vary depending upon how much content you have on your site and the types of content.

You may need a special function that our team of expert developers actually have to make. With code. And advanced tech knowledge. That takes a little more time.

In general, the faster you get your content and answers to our questions to us, the faster your site is done.

How do I pay off my site with your payment process?

When starting a plan for a site, the first 30 days are free. This gives you time to prepare your content while we work on the design phase with you.

After 30 days, you will start making monthly payments on the website. When you’ve completed your 15 monthly payments, you own the site! does this to make our web design process more affordable than other companies who may charge 50% of the entire fee upfront before even starting work! We understand that small businesses have other financial needs as well, so we have affordable monthly payment plans for all budgets.

Do I own my website?

Yes! With, we don’t want to keep your site from you, so it’s all yours once your payments are completed.

Most of’s clients decide to stick with us even after the site is completed and paid. They want to continue to receive our top notch developer and design support after the site is completed. Who best to fix any future issues than the team who created your site?

If, for some reason, your company decides to move to another hosting company, we can always assist you with the move and answer any questions you have about the transition. But we’ll really miss you.

What if I look at my design mockup and I don't like it?

Our Los Angeles Website Design team is working for you. We’ve taken the information you provided and created a custom design based on your input. If you want something changed, give us your input.

BUT remember during the design phase is the time to tell us. Once the pages go into development (that means adding all the content and links and fancy stuff), we can’t change the design.

So, when my site is done it has to be that way forever, right?

At’s Los Angeles Website Design Services, we know that your website is never fully COMPLETE. It’s always a work-in-progress. You’re always going to need to change some things as you go along.

We offer those services as well, so you never have to worry. Give us the change information, and we’ll take care of it for you while you stick to running the business.