Big SEO Changes in Google for YOUR Mobile and Local Search!


Big SEO Changes in Google for YOUR Mobile and Local Search!

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SEO, All Eyes on us for 2016!

If you have an ecommerce business, you know how important SEO, search engine optimization, is for your bottom line. You also probably know that Google keeps its algorithm for determining ranking a deep, dark secret… possibly guarded by large magic dogs or something. Well, it’s secret, anyway, and nobody knows exactly what it is.


Google changes its SEO system often, preventing those who want to try to “beat the system.” Remember the days of keyword stuffing? Well, forget them. That was one of the first crackdowns in making sure results were high quality for Google users.
This year, Google is making more changes that benefit both users and businesses. For instance, if you have a brick-and-mortar location, make sure you are using local search in your SEO plans. You’ll show up more often for consumers seeking regional businesses. Will this make a difference to you?

Goodbye Right-Side Ads!

Those irritating sponsored ads on the right side of any Google results page are going away… at least for highly competitive keywords. Prepare to bump up your plans for PPC marketing to earn a place in the shopping and results panels. Who will this affect?

AMPing Up

You’ve been told that every second counts as a web page loads. Now, Google is rewarding sites that load quickly by giving them a gold star… Well, more like a green lightning bolt, but you get the idea. Searchers are more likely to choose sites that load at… the speed of lightning.

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